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Loops of Zen Flash
LoopsOfZenImage Among the top 10 puzzle
games of all time
entangled Flash
imagesentangle Zen like puzzle
very strange geometry
looks super hard
playes really easy
Loops of Zen HD iPad
coverLOZHDScreen480x480 Apples staff favorite
two weeks in a row
the classic Loops of Zen
for iPad
Loops of Zen iPhone
LoopsOfZenScreen320x480 iPhone version of Loops of Zen
the worlds most relaxing puzzle
infinite levels – infinite fun
Alien Rampage Unity3D
presentation Ludum Dare
Game Jam
Theme: you are the villaint
with: Jory Schossau
Ink of Zen iPad
AppIcon1024x1024 Ralaxing puzzle game
about calligraphy,
new connect three mechanism
tbamfh iPhone
coverTBAMFHscreen320x480 tbamfh?
These Balls Are Made For Hiding
amazing puzzle game
ported to iPhone
original game from Tonypa
Asteroid Field Unity3D, under development
atmos Physics Space Game
collect crystals in an asteroid field
upgrade your ship
ZigZagZone iPad
coverZigZagZoneScreen480x480 unique puzzle game
Have you ever tried to
play protein folding?
EvoSphere Unity3D, science framework, education, under development
coverEvoSphere Science Framework
Evolution of morphology and
behavior in a 3D physics
Evolve & Conquer Unity3D, educational, under development
nanobot Teaching Evolution in action
using immersive teaching
CURVE Unity3D, under development
 curveIcon Stylish action puzzle
inspired by the famous game
One Torch Unity3D
 screenshot2 Ludum Dare Game Jam
Theme: you only got one
Horror puzzle adventure
entangled iPhone
coverEntngledScreen320x480 the second installment
of Loops of Zen
different tiles
looks hard plays easy
platelets iPhone
PlateletsScreen320x480 very stylish puzzle game
sort the tiles that they
do not overlap
DZOOP iPhone, iPad
coverDzoopScreen320x480 intricate puzzle game
slide tokens through a maze
endless levels
Loops of Zen III Flash
coverLOZ3 Third part in the
Loops of Zen series
Blob-of-Zen Flash
blobs-of-zen casual puzzle game
interesting tile geometry
Zen-O-Mania Flash
cover-zen-o-mania challenging puzzle
combines loops of zen
with a classic puzzle
loops mold iPhone, entertainment
Loopsmoldscreen320x480 your loops of zen tiles
behave like a living entity
use gravity to control it’s growth
Buddha Belly iPhone
coverBuddhaBellyscreen320x480 unique puzzle action game
rubbing buddha’s belly gives luck
Om mani padme hum iPhone
OMPOscreen320x480 prayer app
meditate to a spinning prayer wheel
titriplos iPhone
coverTitriplosScreen320x480 experimental puzzle game
connect three
decide which tile has to be
pushed in – challenging
Battlesnakes Flash
bs_screenshot1 Global Game Jam
crazy many snakes
a new twist to the classic
eat and grow /
get eaten and shrink
Swirls of Mind Flash
coverSwirlsofmind Very fast paced puzzle
twist and connect three
Pleiotropy Flash, educational
coverPleiotropy Game about Pleiotropy
with Bjorn Ostman
Loopris Flash
coverLoopris Combine Loops of Zen
with Tetris
mindful and fun
blockix Flash
blockix Very fast action
avid enemies
circle all blocks
unique mechanism
Shift-It iPad
coverShiftItScreen480x480 experimental connect three
Hextangled iPhone
coverHextangledScreen320x480 hexagonal puzzle
strange patterns
same fun as entangled
merge it iPhone
coverMergeItScreen320x480 merge a long line of
items – but not every merger
is allowed
puzzle game

Simulations, Models & cool stuff

OCR science project, C++, iPhone, iPad
OCR Optical Character Recognition
Write a numeral and
let the iPad detect
what you wrote
IL-UN_VE Youtube, stop motion, interactive video
ilunveScreenshot Twenty four Hour Animation Contest
interactive and experimental
yourtube video
Collaboration science project, processing, C++
,Collaboration concept in word tag cloud agent based evolution
of collaboration
and cooperation
EOS science, C++, processing
swarmImage evolving cool swarms
and doing nice science
PHI science, C++
Figure 2 integrated information
as a proxy for
‘Can’t be done!’
Well, this is how it works
Hidden Markov Models science, C++
coverHMM_evolution Hidden Markov Models
and how they can be
ALIFE science, processing
masterRecorder_00001024 ALIFE
ALIFE processing
evoNiches ALIFE simulation
evolution of different
behaviors through spatial niches
SLIME study processing
slimeDrop Experimental project
how to control a slime or gel
using the keyboard
I turn this into a game eventually
Cellular automaton processing
weirdestCA the weirdest
cellular automaton
I ever saw

Freelance work

TempoRun iPhone
 tempoRunIcon The app plays music
with the right beat
to support your training
– I was the technical
Jamaican Cooking iPhone
 coverJamFood Jamaican cooking app
British Sign Language iPhone
 anintroductiontobritishsignlanguagelargeicon Teaching Sign Language
Available only in Britain
Bad Driver iPhone
coverBadDriver social network app
report bad drivers
get feedback from others
not supported anymore
Trinity iPhone
 trinitycardslargeicon Card Game App
-no link available-
NLP Hypnosis Cards iPhone
 ericksonian-hypnosis-cards-proof Neuro Linguistic Programming
self hypnosis
NLP Happiness iPhone
 instant-happiness-cards-proof Neuro Linguistic Programming
teach yourself to be happy
NLP Coaching Cards iPhone
 nlp-coaching-cards-proof Neuro Linguistic Programming
How to coach and influence others
NLP Wealth Cards iPhone
 instant-wealth-cards-source Neuro Linguistic Programming
instant wealth
teach yourself to become rich
NLP Influence Cards iPhone
 irresistible-influence-cards-proof Neuro Linguistic Programming
how to become more influential
how to change how you
are perceived by others
become irresistible
NLP Belief Buster Cards iPhone
 belief-buster-cards-proof Neuro Linguistic Programming
Change anyones believes
Recipes-4-Us iPhone
 coverRecipes4Us  Cooking recipes for students
quick, delicious, low cost
Swine Flu Awareness iPhone
 512_icon Cover your nose!
swine flu awareness app
available in Brazil
Morflets I iPhone
 Title_image_512x512 four letter word game
beginner version
Morflets II iPhone
 Title_image_512x512 2 four letter word game
intermediate version
Morflets III iPhone
Title_image_512x512 3 Morflets
four letter word game
professional version