Ink of Zen – iPad

Release: March 7th for FREE!

I am happy to announce the latest addition to the “of Zen” series, with a new twist on the “connect three” mechanism. In the usual zen manner, this game is about relaxation and meditation. Asian calligraphy is not only an artform but also a way of meditation. Ink of Zen is all about calligraphy in an entertaining game. Will you satisfy your Sensei?

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The game’s story is about a boy who wants to learn wushu but his father insists on letting him train his calligraphy first. The game is inspired by the ancient movie 36th chamber of the shaolin where instead of training a young monch directly, they train him letting him do absurd things like running over water, or climb stairs, and other profane things. All these riduculus test not only train him physically but also test his will.

In this game you don’t have to climb stairs, instead you have to train your calligraphy. Check out the screenshots, I am very proud of the graphic effect that visualizes your brush strokes – took a while to get this one going.


Cheers Arend

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