missed opportunity

Once in a while I check my website stats, like this morning. I haven’t done it in a while, and to my surprise I saw that the month of September had about 10 times more traffic than usual. Curiously I dug deeper to find this inconspicuous looking stat:



telling me that my game loops of zen was played almost as often as when it came out. Further research into this topic unveiled that a gaming site in China linked to my game – great!

I quickly checked my mochimedia account to see the money earned and the hits gathered – just to find that none of this was registered. How can this be? The link goes to a developer version of the game, that does not include the advertisement API and while still being playable doesn’t show ads, doesn’t generate revenue, and doesn’t count hits…  *&%!@$#*%^&$


The lost money is not so much a big deal as is the not-breaking-2.000.000-hits-on-Loops-of-Zen-vanity-pain. What do we learn? Once you tested your developer version enough, delete it for crying out loud.

Cheers Arend


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