Munchkin Party

Last Sunday I was bouncing ideas back and forth with Cliff (from about collaborative gaming – in unusual situations.

The game we talked about was Munchkin and how my kids usually play it. The normal rules cause every player to help the monsters and stop the progression of every other player. A very competitive situation and it can make the game quite long. However, my kids play it collaboratively and are happy when one player wins. Mostly because we explained that the goal is to beat the final monster and when that is done the game is over and the players won. The problem is, that just changing the mode of the game from competitive to collaborative also makes the game way too easy, which is fine for the kids, but wouldn’t be enough of a challenge for most others. Therefor we cam up with a couple of rule changes which would turn the game into a collaborative game. The rules are subject to change and I am happy about feedback and play tests. Anyways, here they are:

1) Instead of one player after the other taking a turn, the group of players as one takes one turn after the other

2) Monsters drawn will come in multiples, as many as you have players

3) Loot is multiplied, and each player can draw as many loot cards as defined by the monster. After all, there are also more monsters now

4) All players are automatically in the battle, and will all receive XP from the fight as specified by the monster

5) In order to overcome the monsters all monsters have to be killed. A player can kill two monsters at the same time as long as the total points of damage are larger. A hero making 8 damage, can for example kill two level 3 monsters, or 4 level 2.

6) Players can still try to flee, but if they succeed the monster remains with his monster friends, and the loot cards are drawn but benefit the monsters.

7) If a player flees unsuccessfully, one monster is drawn away and does not have to be overcome by the remaining party. But also its loot is gone.

8) The games ends by the usual conditions, but every player wins.

I hope you enjoy those mods, Cheers Arend

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