Swarming Game

How does it feel to be a bird flying in a swarm?

Well, I used our evolved predators and prey from the EOS project and made a game where you can control one of the swarm agents. Your objective is to avoid the predators as long as possible. Here I not only evolved the predators but also the prey agents. The better the prey swarms the better protected are they, however it also becomes much harder for the player to evade the predator. I made this game to test the idea that I can not only evolve the opponent in a computer game but also companions, and to see what happens if you expose the player to various combinations of evolved opponents and companions. Classically a game would become more difficult the more evolved the computer opponents are, here however we can not only increase difficulty by playing against more evolve AI, but playing against a sophisticated predator while the prey companions are less evolved, or having highly evolved companions while being predated by a unfit predator creates many more possibilities for the player to encounter than classic difficulty scaling.

The following image illustrates the different game components:



and please enjoy the video showing how I struggle to survive in this game:


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