Dihedral in a Delta?

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Over and over again my planes use the “nose dive” or “cartwheel” maneuver to tell me that I am not a very good pilot. In particular yank and bank airplanes somehow elude me. I had a tad bit of success with a delta, and I look forward to build my FT Versa Wing. However I also decided to make it easier for me. One of my main issues with “yank and bank” and particular flying wings is the fact that they don’t automatically stabilize. Once I have them flying in an angle I have trouble getting them upright. My Old Fogey does that so nicely by herself… I know that dihedral can help, so I decided to build a delta wing with dihedral. Reading about¬†this¬†tells me that dihedrals on a delta is apparently a not so bright idea. All the more a reason to try it! I looked into several plans and came up with this design:

As you can see I added something similar to winglets. They are in fact 25 degree dihedral tips. They are about 4 inch long, and continue the airfoil the wing has.

The plane has a 24g motor with a 18amp ESC, and the prop is 8/6. The flat part of the wing itself is 32 inches wide, and about 40 inches in total, but I used only 2.5 sheets of foam board.

I was a little concerned about the climb rate, but as you can see in the video, the plane shoots up like a rocket. Most of the time I fly it between 1/8 and 1/4 stick. The airfoil allows a super smooth glide. I also added a 3-axis gyro stabilizer but I turn it off once I am high enough and turn it back on to land. I also “landed” the plane roughly a couple of times and it took the beating. The wing is made stiffer with a small glass fiber rod. You can see a small fixed patch on the back left side, which comes from an NTM 28/22 I tried earlier – way too much power for me. Check out the video, it also features (a little blurry) my first intentional roll that did not end in a crash. Ignore the voices, me and my wife “argue” in German about the best angle and that I of cause fly way too high:



All in all I love this plane. It is stable, glides nice, forgives mistakes, I would call it a beginner wing. Let me know if you want to see plans or an article about the build. In the meantime I practice some more to finally fly my Versa Wing with confidence!

Cheers Arend

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