The New Recruit

THAC 6 – the twenty four hour animation contest. This time Stevie Collins was hosting this competition, and the theme was new, and the mod element, that has to show up in every frame was the letter A or a red brick attached to a yellow brick.

I actually always wanted to do a movie which depicts war or at least a conflict with weapons.

Talking to Chris in advanced, he prepared the beautiful soundtrack, which was refined and partially rewritten on the same day. And I am so happy that Taylor synched all characters. He truly deserves the title: „one take Taylor“

And without Leonie taking care of the boys the whole day and catering the whole crew, this would not have been possible- thank you all!

I have to admit, the concept was way too much for a 24h job, therefor the fight scenes and some of the extra scenes suffered animation wise. But still – for the time it took I am very satisfied with the result!

enjoy the 2 min 50 sec:

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