Divine Intervention II

Even when this one was released hours after the last, this was a long project. This is my contribution to the MoB (Masterpiece of Brickfilming) contest. The idea was to produce a movie with real content and character development in a high quality. Already 2006 this contest was announced and the deadline was today. When I read it the first time I was fascinated and in the same moment thought that I can impossibly enter. This was January 2007, and my experiences were insufficient, either in scriptwriting but especially in animation and special- and visual-effects. But all the films during 2006/2007 contributed to my attempt. When I met Jory, who also worked together with me on THAC 3, I found someone who can actually compose and arrange music, and since this film is a continuation of THAC 3 divine interventions, I asked him to help me with the music, which he did. I can not say it enough, he did a wonderful job, the music has its very own character and I like how well everything is integrated. And remember without music a film is dead, and bad music ruins it.

So after reading the scriptwriting book „save the cat“ and writing several drafts I had the script, but only five month left. Actually only three, because the twins were coming in October. So I spent my free time with filming, essentially every evening and every weekend – Leonie was pretty pregnant and still voice acting and building sets and spending many hours on the couch talking to me while I was moving minifigs, thank you!

And I also got Jonathan Moss as a voice actor for the dark skeleton I simply sent him the lines and he did the rest. I am so amazed by his performance! And seriously I finished filming and editing a day before the twins came … and the music was added hours before the deadline end, I wanted to give Jory as much time as possible, when I saw/heard him work the first time, he had the music ready after half of the time, but he kept adding and tweaking all the details, always improving it further.

Sorry for the length but I promise every MB is worth it, enjoy:

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