Sinner Claus

Wow, again we had the THAC (twenty four hour animation contest). This time the mod element was a red brick connected to a green brick and/or the letter „P“, the topic was „giving“. To complicate matters, I wasn´t feeling perfectly fine and we also under no circumstances wanted to miss Julia´s birthday party. So less time, and sleep deprivation, and twins in the house. Fortunately the theme was somewhat guessable so I made my script and lots of sets beforehand. If the topic would have been too far of my anticipation well the whole thing would have looked much different.


In case you are unable to identify all films:
2001 a space odyssey
Lord of the Rings, the fellowship of the ring
24 TV series
Star Wars, the empire strikes back
The Matrix
Pulp fiction
any SM porn movie… working title Catwomen

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