new tAgent

Last session we found that it would be nice to save a brief version of the agent’s brain as a text. I added a function to tAgent called “saveBrain” you can use it like this:


and it will save the brain as a text file which lists each gate and it’s input and output connections.

In order to explore more of the brain anatomy in a quantitative way I also added a function called “memNodes” it is defined as:

	vector<double> memNodes(void);

and returns a vector of three doubles. The first is the number of nodes that are connected with themselves, something that intuitively looks like memory. The second number is the number of connections that go back and forth between two nodes like this: A->B and B->A. The third number is the number of all connections between all nodes. This one can be used to normalize the first two results which are raw counts.

Please find the new tAgent.h and tAgent.cpp here:tAgent

Cheers Arend

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