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Lecture 3


very interactive, and very funny, and I hope it was also constructive. I have the slides here: lecture 3(zip) lecture 3(pdf).

There are two homeworks:

1) Everyone not having his/her app description please add it to the former post, try to stick to the schema discussed in class. I will comment on all of them as some form of feedback, and please feel free to comment on each others posts.

2) Prepare a 3-5 minute presentation about your game, imagine this is a sales pitch to sell your app concept/prototype to a major game label. Start with Title, pitch, summary, and catch phrase, add base storyline and rules. Answer Genre, Theme, Viewpoint, level of abstraction. Don’t worry too much about implementation but keep the main concept brief and to the point. This will be due Tuesday in a week (9/20/11).


Cheers Arend

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