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Lecture 17

October 27th, 2011 No comments

today we will do a somewhat more complex exercise, using these images:


and upon request I add a couple of more tiles, just for fun:



Here is the lecture:lecture 17 and the pdf:lecture 17

The description for the homework could go something like this:

Make a tile sliding game in the spirit of gems. Start with a 10×10 screen of random tiles (four or more tiles) with a central tile missing. Allow for an input that defines in which of the four directions tiles should slide, the demo uses a joypad, but gravity, sliding, gestures, voices, number of tweet queried from a server (I would be seriously impressed) are allowed. After a direction is given, every tile next to an empty tile in the direction given will move one step into that direction. After the move all tiles that have the same color above and below or right and left next to it will dissolve. Check out the video:homeworkDemo

You can hand in a more complex version if you want, where tiles are regenerated, scores is counted, the tiles dissolve in more complex patterns, you can also use different types of animations for sliding and dissolving: spin the tiles out of the screen instead of fading them away, make the tiles bounce into the direction they move, or dissolve and make them reappear at their desired position, add a sound effect… feel free to exceed the very limited realm of this homework.

cheers Arend


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Lecture 16

October 25th, 2011 2 comments

Todays lecture is mainly about extending last weeks example, so we add more buttons, directionality and collision control as well as dropping behavior.

Here is the lecture:lecture 16 the pdf:lecture 16 and todays project:soundPlatforms

Cheers Arend


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Lecture 15

October 20th, 2011 No comments

Today as a first, the lecture becomes uploaded before the actual lecture…

SPSound, SPSoundChannel, SPButton plus complex(er) animations

Sounds like a lot, but since Sound and Buttons are damn easy … anyway here is the lecture:lecture 15 the pdf:lecture 15

and the code:soundPlatforms

Cheers Arend

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Lecture 14

October 19th, 2011 No comments

SPSprite SPCompiledSprite and we talked about interface orientations and the accelerometer,

the lecture:lecture 14 and the pdf:lecture 14

as well as the code:blocky

We also talked about where the difficulties are when doing the examples, and you pointed out that you understand the logic behind the examples but have problems implementing them because you don’t feel comfortable enough in Obj-C. I suppose this is the easier task to solve, because as long as you understand the logic you will know what to do, just not how. The other way round would be way worse, because there is no code without purpose. I think this feeling will go away with more exercise soon. The moment you start making you own projects you will look in the references and examples and by piecing together what you have seen you will learn how its done.

Cheers Arend

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Lecture 13

October 18th, 2011 No comments

Brief intro to touches and tween, making things move and getting to know the user inputs

SPTween SPTouch

Slides are here:lecture 13 the pdf:lecture 13

and the project we played around with:baseAnimation

Cheers Arend

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Lecture 12

October 11th, 2011 No comments

today we dealt with:

SPTextureAtlas, juggler, and SPMovieClip, check the images below:



And here is the lecture:lecture 12 and the pdf:lecture 12

here is the demo project for the exercise:baseAnimation

Cheers Arend


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Lecture 11

October 11th, 2011 No comments

guest lecture, presented by Charles Ofria,

I hope you had fun, download the talk here: and the pdfs here:

Cheers Arend

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Lecture 10

October 4th, 2011 No comments


This time we dealt with events like onEnterFrame and onTouch stuff. We will definitely visit touches again since they are the heart and soul of every App. We also encountered the SPDisplayObjectContainer class which you should use whenever you make something that is more than just an image or video clip. Please find the images for the “homework” at the end of the post. I am not gonna collect those homeworks but I expect everyone to do it – called self responsibility it is part of growing up, and once you are as “old and wise” as I am, you can tease others with it.

Here is the presentation:lecture 10 and the pdf:lecture 10

I also include the MegaMan project:baseProject

and here is the homework, promise to check it out once you can’t complete it:plantEater

the images:


cheers Arend


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Lecture 9

October 1st, 2011 No comments

A very basic introduction to Sparrow.

We had a look at the basic outline of an App. We instantiated SPQuads and SPImage, and studied a couple of properties like x, y, scaleX, scaleY, pivotX, pivotX, color, color of vertex…

Check out the demo project:demoClassI and the lecture:lecture 9 and the pdf:lecture 9

next time we will check out onEnterFrame and onTouch events, and the idea of SPDisplayObject and SPDisplayObjectContainer


cheers Arend

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