EvoSphere is framework that allows the evolution of morphology and behavior of virtual organisms in the 3D physics environment using Unity3D. EvoSphere is build in a modular fashion and allows the user to change brain and body controllers at will. In addition the experimenter can choose the fitness landscape, genetic algorithm, and physical environment in order to customize experiments. Each module can be customized or replaced by an entirely new component. Currently EvoSphere is under development, but here are some video showing evolution in action:

The first half of this video shows organisms made from LEGO bricks rolling down a slope, the idea is to evolve organisms that can roll farthest. This is a way to teach the concept of fitness in a classroom environment. The second part shows evolved blocky creatures learning to walk.


This video shows four legged organisms and how they evolve over time. Each new scene is 100 generations. Here morphology is fixed, but we test a new hybrid brain that uses Markov Models in conjunction with an artificial neuronal network.

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