Janithor Remastered

No this is not misspelled! I deliberately chose the mix of janitor and Thor (scandinavian god) as the title of my film. One week before the release of Peter Jackson´s „King Kong“ I wanted to see my own interpretation of this theme. Together with Leonie we built the city in one weekend and filming took another two. The city was also used in a CSI spoof, but that one is unfinished… This is my first experience with green screen, which explains the obvious technical flaws. Anyway it was a big fun!
I tried to publish JANITHOR on brickfilms, but it was rejected. The reasons were too low animation and image quality. So I decided to remaster this film. I increased the image quality of all existing frames, used the 8 fps images to make 10 fps, replaced lots of the backgrounds, shot a couple of more scenes (12 fps), added visual effects, wrote my own music as a soundtrack, and added my voice to the first scene. That was quite a bit of work for this little film. I actually shrank the 2.43 to 2.11 in the process. But I think it is worth it.

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