Lecture 10

pointers …

well, pointers are a straight forward concept. Instead of using variables to store values, you can use pointers to access memory “directly” to again use it to store values. I am aware that at first it will feel somewhat obsolete, and you should think so. So far we also never encountered any situation in which they were necessary – but trust me they will become the bread and butter in your programmer lives.
First check out the lecture here:lecture 10. Todays homework is to make a program that uses pointers and you should make up the task to perform. While this might feel random, tis is a fairly realistic situation. Essentially everything I program, be it a game or a scientific simulation tries to fulfill a purpose that I came up with. In reality you will rarely encounter a situation where someone says: make a program that does X using Y as data and output into Z. You will be in a situation where you need to solve problem X and you have constrains and resources, and you have to figure out what your code is supposed to do. Consider this a more realistic situation.

Please read all pages I provided links for in the presentation. BTW: a link is somehow like a pointer, instead of storing the value, it “points” to a place where you can find actual content (or more pointers/links).

Cheers Arend

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