Hello everyone!

This is the description of our first exam. You will have 60 minutes to complete it. Your objective is to write a program that performs ten different functions, at best. Below you will find the ten functions you have to code. Each function has a different difficulty and gives points related to that. In total you could score up to 52 points. I do not expect that from you, so we set a 100% score to 30 points. Points you score above 3o will be added as a bonus to your homework assignments. You have to score at least 15 points to not get a F in this test. This is a closed book, no internet exam. If we see you mailing (except to submit the exam in the end), texting, calling, facebooking, browsing, or any similar thing, we will fail you!

Here are the 10 functions you have to code, with their corresponding point they give:
1) 3 Points: print the numbers 9 to 0, count the lines incrementally while doing so
1. 9
2. 8
3. 7

10. 0
2) 3 Points: print a solid box of * size 5×5, example:
3) 5 Points: make an empty box of * with size N time M
emptyBoxSize(3,4); ->
I used . to indicate blanks (space)
4) 5 Points: make a / from * of size N example:
dashLeftSize(3); ->
I used . to indicate blanks (space)
5) 5 Points: return the value of A B or C that is not the highest and not the lowest
example: printf(“%i\n”,getMiddleNumber(1,2,3)); -> 2
6) 7 Points: you get the array N of size 100 filled with numbers,
within this function N[100] exists, return the lowest number in this array
7) 7 Points: make floyds triangle with N lines:
Floyds triangle is a triangle of numbers startin by one and counting up,
each line contains one more number, example:
2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 10
2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
8) 7 Points: you get the array N of size 100 filled with numbers,
return the count of numbers below M
9) 9 Points: you get the array N of size 100 filled with numbers,
count how often the number X occurs in the Array N, and return that value
10) 1 Points: printf you first,middle (if existent),last name
example in my case: yourName(); -> Arend Hintze

You must download the template file here:mainplease rename it into exam_yourfullname.c and mail this file to me at the end of the exam, as you would do that with your homework. As an alternative, if mailing doesn’t work, you can submit your file by copy and pasting it as a comment to this post.

The template file is organized in such a way, that you only need to fill in the functions, the rest is already setup so that we have it easy when correcting your exam. The template file has a brief description of the ten functions, and ten templated functions. The main() function should not be altered. The main is followed by the ten functions to implement. Each function contains the question description again as a comment, and an example of what it should do.

I highly recommend that you test your code by compiling it! Save often, and make copies, so not accidentally erase already working code!

Good luck, Cheers Arend

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